Twitter - can be described as a ‘micro-blog’. 

Twitter is one of the more popular social media service available on the internet.  The main benefit I feel that Twitter provides is it allows you to link to individuals and networks that are interested in the same information that you are interested in.

Types of Twitter updates could include, your location, handy tips you have found online and asking questions you would like answered.

You will need to sign up and create a Twitter account before you can ‘Tweet”.  You can create a Twitter account for yourself, your business, your club etc. Once signed up, you can then update your status.  

Once you understand some of the more advanced tools Twitter has and use some of Twitter 3rd party websites you can really start to enhance your Twitter presence.

For example, you can automatically feed your Twitter status with information you have filtered off the web.  You can set up auto responders, you can be added to Twitter directories and even enhance your Twitter homepage with sexy graphics and keywords.

To maximise your Twitter presence I suggest you complete this Twitter Online Tutorial or  The cost is around AUD$40, but well worth it.

On the flip side, here is a comical look at Twitter - - it’s a classic!

Once you have completed the Tutorial you will be shown how to get full use out of Twitter.  Here are just a few of the Twitter Tools you’ll learn about.  -  sex up your Twitter homepage  - auto response  - find and follow twitters  - filter news/blogs and set up feeds  – create small url  – Set up RSS feeds to you twitter account - find people – Twitter Yellow Pages - Manage your Twitter followers

At the time of writing this Design Experts BLOG I am sitting in the passenger seat driving with Kylie along the Hume Hwy returning from Sydney. My laptop is in my lap and my 3G Internet in full force. Currently in my Twitter account, I have 88 Twitter followers and I am following 71 other Twitters. Only time will tell if I set up my Twitter account correctly. You can see how successful my Twitter account has turned out by visiting
What I am focusing on is quality links, not just quantity; I am trying to link with other web designers and social media gurus from around the world.  I do fear however, that Twitter will turn out to be just another way we will receive SPAM if it is not managed correctly, but only time will tell.

Recently I presented on Social Media in Cairns, Australia to the Nuffield Scholarship Strategic Planning Conference.  They are interested in using tools like Twitter to tap into the younger Generation.

I wouldn’t call myself a Twitter junky; but it is hard to ignore. What I am hoping Twitter will do, is to drive more traffic to Design Experts website and help grow the business.  I have also benefitted from some of the tips I have received by following others Twitters.


Tim Gentle
Managing Director
Twitter Tutorial -

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