Typically when a new client contacts Design Experts they ask us if we could quote on developing a website for them, and of course we can comply.  

It is not until we have the opportunity to quickly educate them that "going online is more than just having a website" do they start understand how everything is connected and an integrated approach will yield more ROI - Return on investment.

These days, although a website is a great start; we must consider whether any other "online tools" could be of benefit to incorporate into our strategy; namely

Simply starting off with an understanding of what online tools are available to use is the first step to developing a long-term vision for your online strategy.

If you'd like to know more or book a workshop or keynote presentation on this topic "eBusiness 101 - Going online is more than just having a website" then please contact Design Experts today.

Whilst on a recent trip to Hay NSW, I had the pleasure of delivering this presentation to 20 local businesses. On route to Hay NSW (20 km to go) I was welcomed by a flock of emu's scuttling across the road, you have to love travelling the open plains in Australia.


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