Aurasma is a free Augmented Reality App that allows you to create your very own Augmented Reality experiences using only your device. 

Please enjoy our Aurasma Step by Step Guide which was designed and delivered by Callam and Yasmin, who over their weeks work experience at Design Experts have help empower others to embrace the Digital World! 

#ThinkDigital Well done guys. 

Aurasma App Step by Step Guide

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A recent study reveals some insightful numbers pertaining to mobile apps and small businesses.  As it turns out, perhaps small businesses should turn to services for app design in Bendigo – which can further engage customers and build business.

According to Tasnuva Bindi, the Compuware study revealed that 85 percent of customers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites.  This statistic speaks to companies that are listening to trends in website design – where they need to be mobile-friendly – but not to mobile apps.

Yet, as the study strongly notes, mobile apps are important.  Bindi cites a global study of 3,500 respondents that expounds on why customers prefer mobile apps to mobile websites:

  • They are more convenient (55 percent)
  • They are faster (48 percent)
  • They are easier to navigate (40)

City of GReater Bendigo Mobile App DesignAs businesses might imagine, the study notes that customers are quick to criticise when the app is not performing to its potential.  This expectation remains high for customers, where performance (speed, reliability, and ease of navigation) is a premium.  The mobile app experience must be a good one for small business to capitalise on the opportunity.

The findings are clear: Customers want mobile apps.  This presents an opportunity for small businesses to cater to mobile customers – which are certainly on the rise – with an effective app. 

Has your business considered a mobile app?  Contact us to learn about our services.  We can help you design an effective app that can have a resounding effect on your business – taking it to the next level. 

Also, check out our latest app development for City of Greater Bendigo!

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