Design Experts were one of the first BC Developers to launch an App onto the BC App Market.  The "Team Directory".  

The team directory is designed to allow "website owners" to manage their team profiles, using a simple easy to use app which is installed in the BC solution.

This type of functionality usually required the integration of WebApps to achieve this outcome, but with BC Apps they can be installed on any BC plan.

This achievement wouldn't have been possible without the knowledge and commitment of Paul Wright our Head Web Developer, thanks Paul.

Learn more about our Business Catalyst Team Directory App here.

Another feather in our hat - onwards and upwards.

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Social media management continues to evolve in the world of business to a point where personalisation becomes more and more personal every year. Because that personal connection with customers on social media is very important in today's world, it's going to mean dealing with people of varying personalities. How should you deal with these people of varying temperaments? You simply shouldn't lose your cool if you find some of them a problem.

Dealing with Inquisitive Customers

You may be already engaging prospective customers online and partaking in conversations. What happens, though, when you start getting an inundation of questions in your direct message box on places like Twitter? The best thing to do is to have those in charge of your social media contacts answer those questions as soon as possible. Even if it requires hiring more people, providing swift answers will be important to keep that sense of personalisation going without customer frustration. 

No question should ever be unanswered for more than a couple of days. And if it's asked directly on a Twitter or Facebook feed, you don't need to post a long answer.


Dealing with Negative Comments

Sooner or later, you're going to run across those with less than pleasant personalities. It may be a direct complaint about your business or just someone who wants to see how you'll react. Don't lose your cool in these situations and make sure you or your staff never say anything negative in response. Always provide constructive feedback to show you have the upper hand. As well, provide plenty of definitive evidence to back up your side if there's any accusations of something unfounded.

Analysing Who's Talking About Your Brand

Social media management apps like Hootsuite can help provide the analytics you need to see what people are talking about on social media in relation to your business. That personalisation of connecting with prospective customers should make these metrics show that people are talking about your brand more than ever. If any negative words are being used, you'll know what to do to fix it so more positive posts will happen in getting word out about your brand quality.

Integrate Your Website with Social Media

Make sure that you promote your website on social media so your conversions will go there to purchase a product. But remember to not overdo your salesmanship. In today's world where obvious promotion can turn off people who are more astute to such things, it's best to use a natural progression. Keep social media conversations going and find appropriate times to promote your business and website.

If you need someone to help you create a website with cutting-edge visual content as part of your social media management, look to Design Experts located in Bendigo, Victoria. Contact us and we'll show you our step by step process of web design, online marketing and workshops. We also help your website integrate perfectly with social media thanks to our partnering with Adobe's Business Catalyst.

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