If you follow parliament, you will know that there are about to be a number of changes to the Privacy Act.

These changes are designed to "tighten the screws" on the way businesses hold and handle customer information.

Most of the changes to the Privacy Act relate to credit reporting, however a lot of it applies directly to the way you do your online marketing.  

Have you ever done work on your laptop in a coffee shop? If you got up to do something, and someone stole your laptop, you may be held liable for all the personal information held on that laptop - So always try to be aware of the security of your equipment.

 Aaron briefing Design Experts Management on the Privacy Act amendments

Most importantly, customers can now "opt-out" of any contact with your company.  Customers have always been able to opt-out of a mailing list, but they can now opt-out of your entire database - it'll be like they never existed.

The first steps to compliance with the Act are to come up with a privacy policy and make sure your staff know what it is.  Once you've done that, it might be best to put that policy on your website (if you haven't already).  That way, your customers will know that you're on the level and they can do business with you with confidence. 

It might seem like a lot of work, but at the end of the day these rules are in place to protect and safeguard your right to privacy and to keep your personal details private.  So let's get up to date and make sure we are protecting our own privacy and the privacy of our clients.

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5 hour journey north of Bendigo where the ground is red and air is dry, you'll find a grain farmer named Kamal.

Kamal got in contact with DE to develop an online solution that will put Golden Grain on the online map and start promoting their business. We are happy to say that DE and Golden Grain are teamed up and its all in full swing. 

Tim and I were lucky enough to get a tour of the farm and learn more about the process of making flour and how to harvest almonds. 

What an experience, to start off the local dog heads straight to Tim's car lifts one leg and lets us know what he really thinks about us... classic. (Must of been the shiny shoes)

Kamal took us through the process of grinding down the grain and making perfectly fine tuned fresh flour. Kamal found that most indian restaurants through-out Australia source their flour from India, he is making a huge change by pushing his fresh produce to these indian restaurants and keeping the money right here at home. 


The machinery used to shake down almond trees and pick them all up is really something else, check out the photos below. Absolutely stunning place.


Design Experts are very excited to complete this project and start spreading the good work of Golden Grain, so keep an eye and ear out and be sure to check it out once it's live!

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