It is quite likely that you have put a lot of time and effort into your website to make it something that customers will want to visit. That is a great thing, but the process cannot stop there. These days, mobile websites need to be created in order to get the largest audiences. is a site focused on providing information about our more socially connected world. An article on this site by Gary Fox says the following:

Google produced a report showing that we have become multiscreen consumers of media. Even TV shows and news programmes now are embracing this, encouraging viewers to Tweet e.g. BBC news, download an app and play along e.g. X-Factor.

People are not simply logging on to their laptops and desktops to get the information that they require. Instead, they want to have access to what they want to know about no matter where they are in the world. Oftentimes, this means accessing websites from their mobile device. 

It is preferable to have an application built for your website in order to allow viewers even quicker access to the site. However, not all sites are designed in such a way that makes it easy to use them as an application. This varies from site to site. If the site is something that is possible to put into app form, then that is exactly what should happen. 

At least 10% of viewers to any given website are accessing it through a mobile device. This number is higher for the social networks, restaurants, and a variety of other types of websites. Business owners who realize this instantly understand why they need to have a mobile version of their site built. 

There are few things that are more important in business at the moment than building a very fast mobile website version of your traditional website. It attracts customers and helps to keep them around at the same time. 

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Responsive design allows businesses to streamline their website so that it's more accessible to customers; prospective customers aren't going to spend an hour on your website, and it's crucial that they see the important information about your business before exiting your website.

When a prospective customer visits your website, you only have 8-15 seconds to impress them with your web design, and just a few minutes to explain why they should choose your business. They're not going to jump through hurdles to see your products or services, so it's imperative that the information is laid out in front of them.

Responsive design makes this possible whether the customer is accessing your website from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. A recent Business News Daily article explains the immediacy of web design, and how responsive design can help:

“What must also be taken into account is the short attention span of most smartphone and other mobile device users. People want to see what they want to see and nothing else — and they want to see it quickly. Most of the time, hours of operation, a phone number or directions are what matters most, so the inclusion of comprehensive content is not a priority.”

With more and more people using smartphones and tablets, your business web site has to be accessible from mobile devices. And not just so that they can get their way around if they linger for an hour and wait for things to load. Your website has to be designed to load quickly on mobile devices, or else you'll lose the prospective customer's attention.

A key feature of responsive design is usability; users can access your websites from different devices and different screen resolutions. Responsive design is also good for SEO, as the website is one single model, rather than multiple sites that each require link building or content optimisation.

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