@ Internet Show Melbourne 2011 - Augmented reality and Youtube marketing experience...

Symphony Orchestra 2011- Presented by Ms Louise O'Donnell, Managing Director, Seed Production

The Youtube Symphony Orchestra created a campaign that allowed Brands to jump in and be part of a innovative online campaign that selected 101 musicians from 33 countries chosen on YouTube to make up the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 converged on Sydney for a week long festival of musical collaboration and participation which has been captured here on youtube.com/symphony

The culmination of the week long festival, was a Grand Finale concert that was streamed live on YouTube from Sydney Opera House. 

As part of the presentation we were introduced to Stepan Grytsay, from Salta Argentina who was one of the artists, a touching story, one of many that made up one of the 101 selected musicians.

The concert broke all the records in terms of views, simultaneous live streams and user interaction.  The branding was subtle and successful and didn't over power the delivering of the content.

Tourism Australia invited four members of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra to partner with contemporary Australia musicians in a unique musical experiment - Making Tracks.

I then jumped on the Symphony Orchestra 2011 page and started playing around with the
"experiment" tool.  

Experiment ♫ is an innovative augmented-reality musical instrument brought to you by Hyundai and YouTube which allows you to "Make music with augmented reality

It's a little hard to describe and best experience yourself, but in short, I took a photo of a this marker to the right using my iPhone. I then clicked on the "experiment" tab on the Symphony Orchestra 2011 page. By holding up my iphone and displaying the marker to my laptops webcam, I was able to interact with the online instrument and record a few tracks.  I then experimented with different sounds and speed and then recorded my own tune...

So what does all this mean for us in regional Australia? Well firstly I'll admit it was a bit fun playing with the technology. 

But when I started to think about what could be possible with this sort of mobile technology, coupled with the roll out of the National Broadband I started to think about how it could bring;
  • Interactive healthcare services
  • Remote coaching of athletes
  • Specialised music lessons 
  • Vets assessing dairy cows
My mind did boggle and I get excited about the possibilities of what is installed for us all... And I'm not alone, check out the Health Demonstration below. 

You can help make all of this a reality by supporting the NBN4Bendigo.

If you like to know more, you can also ask an Augmented Reality Question below or contact me direct and I'll do my best to explain it further.

FINAL TIP - For those that really want to experience Augmented Reality a little further, then I suggest you download and install the "Layar" Augmented Reality App.

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I had the pleasure of attending the Internet Show in Melbourne on 30th April - 1st May 2012. As part of the show I had the choice of seven conference to immerse myself into;

  • Social Media World
  • Content Management World
  • MAD World (Mobile Advertising World)
  • The Mobile Show
  • On-Live Video Show
  • Planet of the Apps
I decided to head into the "on-line video" and "mobile advertising" worlds to learn from a line up of industry experts. It was humbling to sit in the room and learn about the new trends and examples of these two mediums, so of which was quite new to me.

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting some of the knowledge I gathered from the Internet Show on Design Experts "Buzz" for you to benefit from.  I'll do my best to simplify it and provide a few links to delve in deeper.

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