At Design Experts we feel pretty lucky to work in an industry that moves so quickly.  We love the challenge of always keeping up with innovation and working out how to harness new developments to enhance our online solutions.   

In April 2008, we set out with a vision to be ‘Australia’s leader in web marketing solutions, achieved by a network of dedicated and innovative design experts.’  Although we’re not there yet, we think we are well on our way.  Our Mission Statement to achieve this vision was  “We go the distance to create customer delight by providing customised web marketing solutions that deliver results.”  And we do.  And we will keep doing so.  

But as you know – at Design Experts ‘it’s all about you baby!’ – and we think this is much better reflected in our new mission statement:

To educate our customers about the potential of the web

This keeps us focused to achieve our new Vision:

Our clients understand the power of the internet and in partnership we deliver results.

So, what does it mean to you?

Our new mission and vision statements shows how we are different to other on-line marketing companies – it really says ‘we want to give you control.’  It means we’ll educate you about ALL the possibilities and give you the knowledge and tools to make the right decisions to harness the potential of the internet to really achieve the outcomes you want.

So, why now?

We wrote our original mission statement as a brand new start up – bright eyed and bushy tailed.  It definitely provided the focus we needed at the beginning.  But our business has evolved and more to the point –as a team we have evolved.  Our drive used to be websites, very service specific.  We have become more and more involved with education, through the seminars, workshops and webinars that we facilitate.  

Knowledge is power – we give you the power to drive your on-line marketing strategy to eclipse your expectations.

…So what do you think?  We'd love your feedback? – post a comment below to share your thoughts…

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