Seems like a bit of a silly question really, but it is one that Design Experts’ Digital Captain, Tim Gentle, has not only asked, but answered. Following his trip to Augmented World Expo 2014 in America (, Design Experts Captain Tim, was set on fire and inspired to further his mission to continually seek out where the digital world is going. This is captured in his recent TEDx presentation, an explosive demonstration of where the digital world and real world collide.

“By far this has been my favourite presentation, and the pressure was on for this one as there was a great line up on the day. I wanted to make sure I followed closely the TED philosophy of ideas worth sharing and to push the boundaries of thinking around the possibilities this technology offers. We already have a number of big projects in the pipelines and the possibilities are endless for how this technology can help a multitude of businesses. ” - Tim Gentle

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